Kelsey Berry

Learner. History Teacher. Reader. Amateur Chef. New Hampshire. Dog Owner. 

Robert Frost said, “I am not a teacher,  but an awakener”. This was the inspiration for my blog title as I searched for something original at the start of my career in 2012. I found Frost to be a bit pretentious in his confidence, and I still do.  Nevertheless, being “awake” is essential to being a good teacher and student. I am interested in being an “awake” teacher. I aim to be awake to my students’ learning. I aim to be awake to the innovations and ideas about education. I aim to be awake and to serve the inner student inside of me by being a constant learner. I also want to awaken my students to different ways of thinking, challenge their conceptions, and help them deal with the muddled, more complicated reality. I sound like an insomniac now. I do sleep.

Current Interests/Projects

  • Standards Based Grading/Mastery Based Grading
  • Team Teaching
  • Teaching an integrated AP US History and AP European History
  • Teaching AP Comparative Government and Politics
  • Class Discussions
  • Independent School Leadership (I am working on a masters degree at the Klingenstein Program at Teachers’ College)


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