Kelsey Berry

Teacher. Reader. History Aficionado. Gourmande. Athlete. Dog Owner. Student. Writer. Francophile… I could keep going ….

Robert Frost said “I am not a teacher,  but an awakener”. This was the inspiration for my blog title as I searched for something original, yet true to who I am; I have not quite achieved, as I find Frost to be a bit pretentious in his confidence. Nevertheless, being “awake” is essential to being a good teacher and student. I am interested in being an “awake” teacher. I aim to be awake to my students’ learning styles and interests. I aim to be awake to the innovations in education in a super-tech world. I aim to be awake and to serve the inner student inside of me by being a constant learner. I also want to awaken my students to different ways of thinking, challenge their conceptions, and help them deal with the muddled, more complicated reality (dare I say truth? Is there ever one truth?).

As a hopeful life long learner myself, the academic passions I am currently focused on reflect the subjects I teach, and a few of my own obsessions. IDEALLY You can expect some reflections on these topics specifically. Also, on general classroom ideas and tools. I am interested in implementing Standards Based Assessment, I plan to journal here so send any advice you have for a newbie my way!

  • Gilded Age America- was this the beginning of modern America?
  • Americans traveling to Europe and all the loot, especially the art, they brought back
  • Governments or states that operate outside international norms and how they are perceived by the rest of the world specifically, North Korea, Russia, Nigeria, Iran and…America?
  • New Colonialism- how did the developed so-called “modern” world justify it?
  • The role of traditional aid and philanthropy in Modern Africa

Also- expect to see some of my daily flirtation with new recipes and my adventures with my 4 year old golden retriever pup Lucy.

During all of this insomnia almost always fueled by caffeine, I hope to share anything I learn here. Oh…and if I still have your attention- this is a highly ambitious goal, I expect inconsistency in my delivery.


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